Design and Production for Sustainability

Research into the nature and form of functional objects

Themes in this research focus on integrated scales of manufacture:

  • Local, regional, national and international
  • Implications for product design
    • Materials
    • Processes
    • Localisation (maintenance, repair etc)

Selected publications and presentations in this area include:

Walker, S. Design for Sustainability: Practiced-Based  in objects, environment and meaning, Keynote Address, International Symposium on Sustainable Design (ISSD) September 29th-30th 2011, UFPE, Recife, Brazil.

Richards, B., Walker, S., Blair, L. Cyber-Sustainability: leaving a lasting legacy of human wellbeing, Alt-HCI Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, July 4-8 2011

Walker, S., Experiments in Design for Social Sustainability, Keynote Address: Sustainability Workshop, Cumulus 2010 Conference, Tonji University, Shanghai, China, September 6-10 2010.

Walker, S., Design for Sustainability, Keynote Address: Wuxi University, China, September 10 2010.

Enabling solutions for sustainable living.  Manzini, Ezio; Walker, Stuart; Wylant, Barry (co-editors). Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 2008.

Sustainable by Design: Explorations in Theory and Practice.  Walker, Stuart .Earthscan, London, 2006.

Integration of scales : mass-produced plus locally produced parts. Walker, Stuart . in: Design studies: a reader. ed.  Hazel Clark ; David Brody. Oxford : Berg, 2009.


Design PhD Studies in this area: Prof. Walker is one of several faculty members involved in the Design PhD conference - an annual event offered in conjunction with Northumbria University. He is particularly interested in hearing from potential Design PhD candidates with interests that would fall within the broad themes of design for sustainability and/or design and human meaning (values, spirituality etc.), or who have interests in practice-based design research.



Project Team

WalkerWalker Stuart Walker Design for Sustainability ; Design, Values & Spirituality


Design and Meaning

Articleby Stuart Walker
Design and Meaning

This research adds "Personal Meaning", understood as a combination of spirituality and substantive values (personal ethics), to our notions of sustainability. It expands conventional triple bottom line definitions of sustainability to include this fourth element (i.e. a Quadruple Bottom Line). Personal, Social and Practical Meanings are brought to the fore, while economic issues are demoted to a secondary order of priority, thereby acknowledging...Read full article