Funding Accelerator: A collection of interesting projects

The aim of these workshops is to create a 'bloom' of new projects around the health, wealth, and wellbeing in the Blackburn with Darwen community and beyond. Here are some brief descriptions of the varied and interesting projects we are writing bid proposals for. 

Take Up Space: reimagining the use of social and public spaces in Blackburn with Darwen town centre to positively impact social cohesion, ownership, and pride.

Period Poverty: developing innovative solutions to end period poverty in Blackburn with Darwen. 

Digital Inclusion of Transient Homed and Homeless: co-designing digital systems to enable online social connections, support, and peer-to-peer sharing for transient and long-term homeless. 

Tracking Down Impact: investigating how we can help children and young people create and track effective representation of children and young people's priorities in policy development.

As you can see, we are forming collaborations for diverse projects which will have a wide-reaching impact in many areas. If you would like to attend one or more of these workshops you can find the Eventbrite listing here


28th of February 2018