Environment 2.0, Urban Climate Camp at ISEA2008 and the
Through Cracks In The Pavement exhibition at Futuresonic 2009

Urban Climate Camp

ISEA2008, Singapore, 30th July 2008

An invited forum at ISEA2008, the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Singapore, 30th July 2008. Presented by Drew Hemment, ImaginationLancaster and Futuresonic.

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A forum for discussion and quick fire presentations invites participants at ISEA2008 to explore new thinking on environmental sustainability and at innovative approaches to grass roots and creative intervention on the environment.

The focus is on the interface between our digital footprint and our environmental footprint, non-Western perspectives, and on creative intervention to enable social change. The vision is to seed creative interventions that intervene in the way cultural or technological processes shape society, and that aim to be transformational. They might be artworks, social entrepreneurship, scientific intervention, or innovations which harness everyday creativity. And they might enable individuals and communities to live in a more sustainable way, or suggest alternative possibilities for or critical perspectives on sustainability.

A new relationship to the environment is emerging as the world becomes digitally navigable, computable and therefore knowable and manipulable in new ways. What changes in social and material practice are required in order to enhance environmental sustainability, how they can be realised, and what are the local, national and global impacts?

Urban Climate Camp

Environment 2.0 seminar at Futuresonic 2007


The Urban Climate Camp forum at ISEA2008 will take place 2pm - 4pm, 30th July. It will consist in a series of quick fire presentations by artists, scientists, activists and commentators, and will be followed by open discussion. Immediately afterwards Luminous Green present a seminar featuring moderated discussion on the same theme, plus a workshop the following day.


If you are interested in presenting your perspective or project please contact Gala Pujol at env20@futuresonic.com


The Urban Climate Camp workshop is a part of the Environment 2.0 project which will culminate with an exhibition and workshop at Futuresonic 2009. Each year Futuresonic presents public sphere artworks exploring the themes of the social, city and technology, and since 2006 has developed the Environment 2.0 theme in collaboration with ImaginationLancaster, a major new interdisciplinary research lab at Lancaster University.

Leonardo and Futuresonic

Submissions are also invited on the Environment 2.0 theme for a Leonardo themed call

and for the Futuresonic 2009 festival

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Supported by The British Council, Arts Council England, ImaginationLancaster, Futuresonic