Dr Christopher Boyko

50th Anniversary Lecturer in Design
Urban Design and Behaviour, Internet of Things, Protest/Resistance, Town Planning, Urban Sustainability, Wellbeing
c [dot] boyko [at] lancaster [dot] ac [dot] uk

Christopher is a Lecturer in ImaginationLancaster. His general research and teaching interests include decision-making processes; design thinking; Internet of Things in cities; inter-multi-trans-disciplinarity; protest and resistance in urban envirionments; public space design, use and management; research methods; sustainability; town planning; urban design; and wellbeing.

Christopher is currently co-leading a Lancaster University Impact and Knowledge Exchange grant with Dr. Sarah Marsden, examining the interrelationship between place, politics and power in cities. In particular, he is interested in mapping protest routes and sites that are used by different groups and understanding the role of objects and artefacts either present in, or brought to, urban spaces.

Christopher is also examining the relationship between wellbeing and aspects of the urban environment on a 5-year, £6 million EPSRC project called Liveable Cities (2012-2017). This research builds on his previous work about density and the decision-making process on a 4-year, £3 million EPSRC project called Urban Futures (2008-2012) as well as work on the urban design decision-making process and its relationship to sustainability from a 5-year, £3 million EPSRC-funded research project, VivaCity2020: Urban Sustainability for the 24-hour City (2004-2008).

In between these projects, Christopher co-wrote a government report about the impacts of the physical environment on mental well-being. Finally, he has worked on a Lancaster University Early Career Grant with colleagues in Sociology (Monika Buscher, Tim Dant, Karenza Moore) and LICA (Jen Southern), studying key changes in the ‘interaction order’ of public spaces.

Christopher is an Associate member of the Higher Education Academy.

Updates and Outcomes

Article about density & design published in The Guardian

Article about density & design published in The Guardian

Misunderstanding density: Why we are building the wrong sort of cities

Dr. Christopher Boyko published an article today (29 July, 2014) in The Guardian's Housing Network pages about understanding density in cities. The article is based on empirical research undertaken with Prof. Rachel Cooper...Read full update

A hacktastick experience!

A hacktastick experience!

Numbers that Matter Hackathon

The Urban dictionary defines “hacktastic” as a positive statement referring to a strange or innovative programming or technical task, project or idea. ...Read full update

Liveable Cities focus groups well underway

Event4 years, 4 months and 29 days ago
Liveable Cities focus groups well underway

19th of February 2014, Aspire & Success, Lozells, Birmingham

Third focus group in Birmingham about wellbeing and mobilities

After two successful focus groups in the suburbs of Birmingham late last year, we have moved into the inner city and conducted a third focus group in...Read full update

The Numbers That Matter Hackathon

Event4 years, 4 months and 6 days ago
The Numbers That Matter Hackathon

15th of March 2014, Manchester Science Park, Pencroft Way, Manchester M15 6JJ

Hackathon Weekender: open data & wearable tech - 15th-16th March (Sat/Sun) 10am start at Manchester Science Park

What happens when we bring together open data, smart devices, and wearable technology?...Read full update

First knowledge exchange seminar of PhD support seminar series

First knowledge exchange seminar of PhD support seminar series

A knowledge exchange seminar about urban design between students and staff

Students and staff with an interest in urban design led a 2-hour, knowledge exchange session on 3 December, as part of the PhD support seminar series. During the session, we discussed terminology and definitions, and...Read full update

Built environment audits started!

Built environment audits started!

Liveable Cities researchers begin collecting data on condition of built environment features in neighbourhoods using app

This week, Christopher Boyko and Claire Coulton began auditing the built environment within one neighbourhood of Birmingham as part of the...Read full update

Liveable Cities project meeting in London

Event5 years, 7 months and 11 days ago

7th of December 2012, The Royal Society, London

Project team discusses progress, engages in knowledge exchange with expert stakeholders

The academic teams from Lancaster University, the University of Birmingham, University College London and the University of Southampton are...Read full update

Urban Futures final event taking place in London on 18 April 2012!

Urban Futures final event taking place in London on 18 April 2012!

The Urban Futures project is ending this April and the team is giving away free copies of their Practitioner Guide to celebrate.

To mark the end of the 4-year, EPSRC-funded Urban Futures project, we are holding a final event in Church House, Westminster, London, this Wednesday, 18 April....Read full update

Get ready for The Little Book of Density!

April 2012 sees the launch of the Urban Futures publication, entitled 'The Little Book of Density'

Based on 4 years of research for the EPSRC-funded Urban Futures project, Rachel Cooper and Christopher Boyko (with Roger Whitham) have written a short book about density for practitioners. The...Read full update

Density paper to be presented at international sustainability conference

Event6 years, 6 months and 9 days ago

10th of January 2012, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Findings from an online survey about density and decision-making to be discussed in Vancouver, Canada

...Read full update

Lancaster Workshop

Event6 years, 9 months and 6 days ago

13th of October 2011, Lancaster University

The Urban Futures team meet for two days in Lancaster

The team of 20 researchers from Birmingham, Birmingham City, Coventry, Exeter and Lancaster Universities met 13 and 14 October. With six months to go on the five year programme,...Read full update

Design for Health: The relationship between Design and Noncommunicable Diseases

Event6 years, 9 months and 21 days ago

28th of September 2011

Cooper and Boyko published a paper in the special issue of Journal of Health Communication 'Communication the Noncommunicable,

We explore the relationship between design and non-communicable disease (NCD), by highlighting how design knowledge and...Read full update

Do sustainability measures constrain urban design creativity?

Articleby Christopher Boyko, Rachel Cooper
Do sustainability measures constrain urban design creativity?

Paper available at ICE Virtual Library. ...Read full article

You can find a list of Christopher Boyko's publications on the Lancaster University research pages.

Key Projects

Remembering Resistance: Memories of ProtestRemembering Resistance: Memories of Protest Remembering Resistance: Memories of Protest Connecting people, place and political power
Liveable CitiesLiveable Cities Liveable Cities Transforming the Engineering of Cities for Global and Societal Wellbeing
Urban FuturesUrban Futures Urban Futures Sustainable Regeneration - from evidence-based urban futures to implementation
New Interaction OrderNew Interaction Order New Interaction Order New(?) mobile behaviour in public spaces