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PhD Candidate
Examining Design Management in the Era of Digitalization from Eastern and Western Perspectives
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He completed his PhD in imagination@lancaster in 2016 with the thesis entitled ‘Examining design management in the era of digitalization from eastern and western perspectives’

His main research interests during his PhD were in the management of design, innovation, research & development and product design with regards to new product development, organizational cultures for creating new product, and national cultures influencing the organizational cultures. The doctoral research thus aimed at identifying how approaches to product design differ nationally by examination of organizational culture through comparative studies between Eastern organizations and Western. It finds that there are ‘relatively’ different approaches to managing design and organisational vocbularies used in design process for new digital product development in West and East, caused by their organisational cultures. 

Based on foundation of my PhD research, his research interests are extended into the studies about digital innovation, digital disruption, the impact of digitalisation on organisations and organisational approaches to creating evolutionary artefacts represented by digital product design. 

Selected Publications

Hyunwook Hwangbo, Dr. Emmanuel Tsekleves, Prof. Rachel Cooper (2015) Ambidexterity of design management in different approaches to digital design: Review of Organizational Attitudes in the East and the West in New Product Development Process  presented in the R&D Management Conference 2015 in Pisa, Italy(Conference Paper) 

Hyunwook Hwangbo, Dr. Emmanuel Tsekleves, Prof. Rachel Cooper (2015) Digital design in an international ecosystem: Different approaches to managing design in the East and the Westpresented inthe 11th European Academy of Design Conference of Paris, France (Conference Paper)

Hyunwook Hwangbo , Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves (2014) Understanding of Large Far Eastern Organizational Cultures in approaches to New Product Development Process: Designing versus Controlling,  presented in the R&D Management Conference 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany(Conference Paper) 

Hyunwook Hwangbo (2013) Two Worlds: Design Relativity in the Complex Worldpresented in the 10th European Academy of Design Conference of Sweden, Gothenburg (Conference Paper) 

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