Malé Luján Escalante

Luján Escalante
PhD Candidate
Digital Public Space, New Materialisms, Philosophy of Technics, Feminist Technoscinece (FSTS), Research through Design, Inventing/ve Methods.
m [dot] lujanescalante [at] lancaster [dot] ac [dot] uk

I explore cultural implications of digital-physical interactions through participatory and creative methods. I believe in the impact of cross-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations. I specialize in facilitating creative workshops that foster knowledge exchange in imaginative ways.

I recently completed my PhD in Digital Cultures at LICA. Situated within material ontologies, my thesis turned around a conversation of the digital that was led by media and communications studies to include how digital comes to matter: infrastructures of knowledges, imaginaries, human-nonhuman catalytic encounters and their material consequences. The outcomes of this research were presented at CHI2016 California, Encounter Materialities in Geneva ‘16, University Industry Interaction Amsterdam ‘16, Challenging Histories Cardiff ‘16.

From the realization that techno-social practices construct space-place in the same process that constructs bodies and narratives of self -and others, I am setting off with research that engages with questions of health and care within the digital-physical realm, specifically, I am looking at wearables and IoT mediating body data with attention on ethics and governance implications. Preliminary outcomes of this ongoing research are part of Cross Motion Project at Tallinn University and are informing my post-doc research proposal.

I am currently a teaching assistant on ‘Introduction to Design 140’  I am also a guest lecturer on the ‘Design Management’ Masters course here,  and the ‘Public Service Design’ Masters at University of the Arts London.