Sara Gancho



EvansEvans Martyn Evans Design, Design Management, Design Futures, Design Strategy, Design and Branding, Design Policy, Design Thinking, New Product Development
CooperCooper Rachel Cooper Design Management, Design Policy, Design Thinking, Urban Design, Urban Sustainability, Socially Responsible Design, Design Against Crime, Design & Manufacture
Past Student
PhD Candidate, January 1970 to January 1970
The role of the Designer as a custodian of Brands within the Social Media space

My research looks into the role of the designer within the social media space. It looks into the branding process and how can design promote brands in this new media space. Understanding of the role of Design in Branding and in the different design disciplines is very important. The use of social media by brands is becoming a challenge for designers, as they are designing social media spaces, and the look and feel and content of this is ruled by marketing. I'm a full time PhD Student with a background in Graphic Design and a Master in Design and Visual Culture. I've worked as a Graphic Designer/ Art Finalist and Illustrator for some Design Companies and also been a Design and Marketing Teacher in IADE ( Institute of Art, Design and Marketing).