Yi-Chang Lee



CruickshankCruickshank Leon Cruickshank Open Design and Innovation, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy
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Past Student
PhD Candidate, January 1970 to January 1970
Innovative Product Design Decision-Making in SMEs

Research Abstract:

Effective design decision-making is vital in new product management as well as innovation management process. This study investigates how the models of design decision-making influence the evolution of new product management processes which emphasize innovative outcomes in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In this work, case study using a modified model of action research through practice based work research. The study will provide a new insight to assist designers and managers to effectively manage and deploy design process. It is unique in that it fills the “how to” gap for SMEs.


The focus of this research is to explore the relationship between models of design decision-making and innovation in contemporary context in SMEs and to enhance knowledge on the role of design in R&D innovation in SMEs.    

Research method:

A model of practice-based research applies a modified model of action research as part of case study method that also includes semi-structured interview with project manager. The practice-based method is conducted through the researcher designing products in the case study organisation and recording the decision-making process through visual notebooks and audio documentation.