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Cleaning & hygiene practices survey in Ghana completed

Date Published: 26 September 2018

The team at Noguchi have been running for the past month a survey on the hygiene and cleaning practices across different domestic environments (i.e. urban vs rural, private vs communal dwellings) and a range of social scales (i.e. low, low-middle, middle, upper) within Accra, Ghana.

Recruited household complete with the help of researchers a survey of over 50 questions. These include questions on the household demographics, the household configuration, dwelling information, the cleaning methods, cleaning items, cleaning frequency, cleaning responsibilities within the household, cleanliness and hygiene perceptions and practices.   So far over 200 surveys have been completed.

The team aims at collecting 250 surveys. From the 250 surveys 12 households (across urban and rural domestic environments, private and communal house environments, low, low-middle, middle and upper social scales) are currently being recruited to participate in the rapid ethnography phase of the project in order to collect more in-depth information  on the cleaning and hygiene practices. Dust samples from each study household will also be collected to assess bacterial diversity, including the presence of infectious bacteria and to assess the degree of AMR in those bacteria.

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