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Beyond Imagination Cluster and Theme Films: Design-led research has the power to change the world

Beyond Imagination is a £13.2 million research project funded by Research England and Lancaster University. It explores and demonstrates how cutting-edge design research can create a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world. We are excited to launch a series of short films to showcase Beyond Imagination.

The films below give an introduction and overview of each of our research clusters and themes. They capture the spirit of Imagination and were created in partnership with Wash Studio.


Our strength is in our diverse and open approach to collaboration with multiple sectors and industries. We can only solve today’s problems with insight and innovation and can only solve them together. If you would like to shape the future with ImaginationLancaster please connect with us.

These films were made during the COVID-19 pandemic under strict social distancing rules … as such, not all of our fantastic team were able to feature.

Transcripts for all the films can be downloaded as PDF documents.

Our team is divided into five clusters …

…and four themes

The Imagination team January 2020

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If you would like to watch all the films together as one film then please watch the ImaginationLancaster Film Premiere.

All the transcripts can be found on this page