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Leapfrog Tools

Leapfrog – transforming public sector consultation by design was a £1.2 million 3 year Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project. The Leapfrog project was a close collaboration with public sector and community partners to design and evaluate new approaches to consultation.

Leapfrog was an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded research project with very practical outcomes; tools and toolboxes that anyone can use to do more creative and engaging consultation. 

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Our tools are not prescriptive formulas or processes, but instead effective ways to do more with less time, transforming activities and workshops to make them better. Our toolboxes are collections of related tools that go together well, but we are just as interested how people appropriate and modify our tools in ways we could never predict.

Key toolbox features

  • Created by co-design: Each tool was created with the people, communities, and organisations that used them.
  • Creative and engaging experiences: Engage people with new ways of working that inspire and challenge, rather than feeling like work.
  • Ready to use: All the tools, available to download from this website, print with a standard printer and can be put straight into action.
  • Easy to adapt: Every use is different, so each tool can be easily adapted and remixed.
  • Free to everyone: Leapfrog tools are free to anyone. We use Creative Commons licensing for everything we do.

Go to the Leapfrog Toolboxes page to discover and download.

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