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Amirul Razali

Automotive Design, Public Transportation, Active Commuting Strategies through Design, Identity in Product Design, Societies and Culture-related components in Product Design.

Amirul graduated from MARA Technology University (UiTM), Malaysia, in Industrial Design (Product Design), and get his MA in Design Technology (Automotive/Public Transportation) at the same university. Amirul is actively participating in design projects in the Malaysian Industrial Design scene, as he is the Committee of International Terengganu Timber Showcase, Members of Malaysian Industrial Design Society (PEREKA), and members of Kelantan Designers Community. His working experiences range from Consumer Product development, Home-living and Spacious Design-related Products, Agricultural-Support Product Development, Visualiser and Animator – Junior designer at Spacetoon.

Before pursuing his research study in LICA, he is actively participating in design competitions national and internationally such as ITEX, the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition with 4 products showcased in the last 4 years, Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE), INNOVA, Brussels, and few products at the university level in annual Research Exhibition and Conferences (MPI) UniSZA. From all of the products showcased, 2 products which are green and environmental design-related were patented under MyiPO with the help of UniSZA.

In LICA, under the supervision of Dr David and Prof Stuart Walker, Amirul is doing a study concerning about building a visual and formal identity for products that effectively conveys the identity from a culture. The aim of this research is to get to know how to visualise the cultural attributes and developing a process or module to guide designers in designing a product with an identity of a culture.


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