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Dr Poone Yazdanpanah

Senior Research Associate, June 2016 to May 2018 Design for Sustainability, Tradition and Transition, Meanings and Values, Crafts and Architecture

Poone Yazdanpanah is working on the AHRC funded Living Design project , which examines craft, tradition and sustainability among micro-enterprises in the UK. This research project carries out practice-based research at the local/regional level, working with micro-enterprises to develop a practical guide and online resources for the implementation of design for sustainability in local ‘making’ businesses. The guide and its interactive resources will be a practical resource for designers and local enterprises and will provide a basis for these enterprises to upload examples, share their insights, add relevant information and offer feedback – thus offering a continuous improvement model that will be a valuable resource for businesses and for academics to build an effective, practical guide and resources that are of real-world value.

She holds a PhD in Design for Sustainability from Lancaster University. Her PhD research investigated the relationship between human meanings and sustainability in architecture, which included an in-depth case study of the traditional Iranian domestic courtyard known as the Miān-Sarā.

Her research interests span crafts and architecture, human meanings and holistic thinking, tradition and transition.

Poone taught for some 13 years in the Department of Architecture at Isfahan Art University, where she also served as Head of Department.