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Dust Bunnies

Scoping global challenge research in understanding real world interactions (of dust-born infections) in the home in Ghana and the UK through combining innovative design research with health data

This pilot EPSRC project is to co-design and scope with key stakeholders in Ghana (i.e. local communities, medical professionals, environmental scientists, etc.) the full application of further international research into the area of antimicrobial resistance in the home enviroment, which meets local and national objectives in health in the UK and Ghana.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is now a global problem that impacts human health across all demographics but little investment in the development of new antibiotics in the past few decades has been initiated. The environment acts as reservoir for bacteria carrying AMR. The home environment, with dust as a major carrier, is becoming a possible source where AMR bacteria exist. The extent of which is driven by local practices within the household and other environmental factors. With an increase in infections comes an increase in drug-resistance to antibiotics. Alternative approaches must be found to help preserve the effectiveness of existing antibiotics.

We will be running a workshop with key stakeholders in Ghana as well as running other networking activities. This project will develop a new design and health science AMR related research network group in Ghana.

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