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Mapping Design Innovation Ecosystems

Creating a blueprint for to map and analyse their design innovation ecosystems

This AHRC funded project aims to create a blueprint for stakeholders across the UK and Europe to map and analyse their design innovation ecosystems to provide input for evidence-based policy-making. This will be achieved through:

1) testing, refining and validating a framework for design innovation ecosystems;

2) mapping design innovation ecosystems in Wales and Scotland to provide input for evidence-based policy-making; and

3) positioning design innovation ecosystems theory within mainstream innovation ecosystems research and promoting it to innovation academics.

Design is increasingly being recognised by governments as a key factor for innovation and there is an opportunity for research to influence the innovation policy process. The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research (PDR) has been conducting research on design programmes and policy since 2005 as part of the SEE project financed by the European Commission and Welsh Government.


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