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What if? Design Fictions for Society

Imagining the future implications of policy initiatives in creative ways

Design fictions – like short sci-fi films, prototypes and graphic novels – are provocative and engage people, encouraging them to envision, explain and raise questions about direction of future technology and society.

Following the success of the AHRC ProtoPolicy project, ‘What If’ seeks to explore further the potential value of design fictions for generating debate around policy initiatives amongst diverse community groups via imagining the future implications of policy initiatives in creative ways.

The topical subject of dementia care and support following the Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia 2020 will be explored through this project. Employing a participatory design research methodology design fictions will be co-created and explored through a number of events and online social media networks across the UK.

The project has been funded through Lancaster University’s Impact and Knowledge Exchange Grants

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