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Art and climate change strategy for Germany

Date Published: 06 July 2009


Drew Hemment was invited to take part in a discussion on art and ecology to inform an art and climate change strategy for Germany. Convened by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the German Federal Cultural Foundation, who are leading development of art and climate change strategy in

In Germany there has been relatively little arts and culture activity responding to climate change, as there is a perception that it should be climate specialists, not artists, who should grapple with this issue.

Kulturstiftung des Bundes is investigating how art and culture organisations in other countries are responding to climate change, and wanted to learn about our work in this area. Also participating in the discussion was Amanda McDonald Crowley from Eyebeam in New York, who have also been running a very influential programme on art and sustainability.

Kulturstiftung were very interested in projects run by FutureEverything. These include the Pilot Carbon Audit in 2006-7, which has been acclaimed as best practice and resulted in a set of tools available to other event organisers. The second phase was an exploratory series of Environment 2.0 workshops in Manchester, Lancaster, Singapore and Berlin which helped shape the agenda. And most recently there were the Environment 2.0 mass participation projects and linked exhibition and conference events at Futuresonic 2009 in Manchester during May.


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