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Blood Donation Project Launch

Calling for Co-creation to save lives

Date Published: 15 November 2021




On 15 November 2021, we officially started the Hackathon for Blood Project, launched by the Honourable Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Edwin Dikoloti, a member of Parliament in Botswana. Although this project was officially launched today, it started almost a year ago during the worst times of the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic. Spectrum Analytics as the project initiators collaborated with Stanbic Bank, Imagination Lancaster, Sturgeon, Udugu, National Blood Transfusion Services, Ministry of Health and Wellness, and the President’s Office to make this launch a success.

We hope that the messages promulgated during the launch will seed commitment and provide a force for action to engage in this noble cause to save lives. We will be conducting a series of co-creation and innovation activities in the following months to engage the public in seeking better and accessible solutions to the blood donation crisis.

See the link for further information on the project

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