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Book Chapter looking at the impact of sustainable architectural design on health

Energy-Efficient Homes: A Heaven for Respiratory Illnesses

Date Published: 27 July 2021

Dr Alejandro Moreno-Rangel has published a peer-reviewed book chapter in the ‘Advancements in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency’ book this July. If we have learned anything from the COVID-19, is that we need to change the current practices and provide adequate ventilation in homes.

The abstract for this publication:

The built environment has changed dramatically due to the increased interest in mitigating climate change. Homes are becoming more energy-efficient, responding to energy issues, and reducing carbon emissions primarily. Nevertheless, we started to realize the unintended consequences of these changes that impact a home’s indoor environment and occupants’ health. Indoor air quality is a critical aspect as indoor pollutants are increasing in homes. More than ever, it is crucial to adhere to the best ventilation practices, building materials, and cleaning products. Additionally, behaviour changes, such as those for healthy homes, can prevent their health impact. Interdisciplinary research between public health and building professionals needs to educate citizens and present evidence for legislative changes and recommendations to spur change to reduce indoor air pollution and protect vulnerable populations preventing harmful effects on future generations’ health.

You can download my book chapter here: Energy Efficient Homes: A Heaven for Respiratory Illnesses

Or buy the complete book here: Advancements in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency | IGI Global

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