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Celebrating the End of Cooperativa Digital with Our Partners

Date Published: 04 March 2024

The research team planned and delivered a celebratory event for all participants involved in the Cooperativa Digital project on 7th December.

We celebrated with a pasta buffet at a house near Ara├žagi Beach and presented participants with certificates of participation. The event provided an informal setting to discuss the project’s outcomes and gather insights from participants. We asked them the following questions:

  • Do you feel that what you created as a group is better than what existed before?
  • What motivated you to attend the workshops?

We will analyse this conversation to gain a deeper understanding of how the project fostered equity and how external stakeholders can evaluate similar digital platforms. We are also interested in learning about the knowledge and skills participants gained throughout the project.

We expressed our gratitude to the participants for their time and commitment to the project. We are actively seeking additional funding to deliver a follow-up project that will continue supporting the development of a more equitable future.

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