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Data Visualisations selected by Aaron Koblin

A selection of leading edge data visualisations by Aaron Koblin, presented as a part of the Serendipity City exhibition at FutureEverything 2010

Date Published: 11 October 2011

We live our lives surrounded by data.

It seems that to a greater and greater extent we find ourselves living in a digitally mediated reality. Most of us generate massive amounts of data whether we’re aware of it or not. Even if we aren’t personally responsible for large amounts of data it’s certain that we depend on systems that generate and react to a variety of complex datasets. This has been the case for hundreds of years, however, with the integration of computer systems and networks we now have the ability to tap into these flows and to analyze and visualize them procedurally. These data systems tell rich stories, and can be the basis for a new kind of observation and perhaps even introspection.

The visualizations at FutureEverything are an eclectic mix taken from a broad spectrum of data visualization. The projects originate from the fields of science, art, business, and pure enjoyment, but all of them tell a story and provide us with a unique look at reality. Instead of striving for ultimate simplicity (as we see in pie charts and bar graphs), these visualizations embrace the inherently subjective nature of visualization and express a narrative through the most provocative method possible – by engaging the imagination.

Aaron Koblin, May 2010. Commissioned by FutureEverything 2010 curated by Drew Hemment

View selected data visualisations on FutureEverything website

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