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Do You Have Problems Using Your Arm as A Result Of a Stroke?

If so, we need you! We are recruiting for our study at Brunel University London

Date Published: 19 January 2015

We are looking for volunteers, with reduced movement in their arm following a stroke, to participate in a research study looking at exercising the arm using video gaming technology that has been developed especially for use with stroke survivors.

The study will take place at Brunel University London and has ethical approval .

To find more infromation about the study please download the information documents below.

If you have any questions, please contact Alyson Warland on 0785406601 or at Alyson.warland@brunel.ac.uk


ReWiiRe Study Flyer

Download PDF [0.5MB]

ReWiiRe Study Information Sheet

All you need to know about the study

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