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Enabling Solutions

Date Published: 01 January 2008

The work resulted from a workshop initiated by Stuart Walker and co-produced with Ezio Manzini and Barry Wylant. It applies the ‘enabling solutions’ developed by Ezio Manzini in the context of the North American suburb.

From the publishers description:

This title includes a book and CD-ROM. Sustainability, environmental impact, green design, urban sprawl – all buzzwords we have become familiar with in the ongoing dialogue about climate change and global warming. This book presents student work that explores these issues and exemplifies the application of Manzini’s theories of ‘enabling solutions’.

Students from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design worked together to identify some of the challenges of suburbia with respect to sustainable design.

Exploring such issues as the local quality of life, community cohesiveness, and environmental impacts of suburban areas, the workshop participants presented posters, tables, matrices, and other graphic materials that illustrate key concepts, the resources required, and the main players involved in their implementation.

In addition to the student work showcased here, “Enabling Solutions” includes essays by Manzini, Walker, and Wylant that contextualise the key issues and elaborate on the theoretical basis for the student workshop.

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