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Environment 2.0 Conference Events at Social Technologies Summit, Futuresonic 2009

The complex relationship between environment and technology forms one strand of the Social Technologies Summit conference at Futuresonic 2009

Date Published: 13 May 2009

Environment 2.0 Conference Events include the opening address by Jamais Cascio, founder of Worldchanging.org, looking at the environmental, societal and geo-political impact of proposed Geo-engineering projects, alongside James Marriott, founder of PLATFORM, and speakers from the Met Office, Natural History Museum and Transition City Manchester.

Part of a series of interventions and projects within the Environment 2.0 theme at Futuresonic 2009.

In the wider festival, artists, environmentalists and scientists will explore interfaces between our digital presence and environmental footprint, and how social technologies may be used for future action and engagement. Environment 2.0 culminates with the Environment 2.0 Open Lab exploring ways of engaging the public in participatory observation, mapping and ‘citizen science’ on the environment, climate and biodiversity, including pilot projects by Futuresonic 2009 with Met Office and Natural History Museum.

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