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Environment 2.0: Participatory Mass Observation (Editorial)

Date Published: 01 April 2010


Environment 2.0 was initiated to explore contributions to the sustainability of the way we live our lives. It involves participatory art and design projects that collaboratively produce and make sense of information about natural, built and social environments. We envision an exploration of how locative art can develop “new senses” and share discoveries with neighbors and people around the globe to become a part of a worldwide network of “one billion eyes.”

The editorial accompanies the Environment 2.0 call for papers of the journal Leonardo Guest Edited by Drew Hemment. It seeks new cross-disciplinary thinking on sustainability in urban environments, with a focus on creative intervention, social change and non-Western perspectives. This is the second call for papers of the Leonardo special project Lovely Weather: Artists and Scientists on the Cultural Context of Climate Change. For the Environment 2.0 call for papers, Leonardo is soliciting texts that document the works of artists, researchers, and scholars involved in the exploration of sustainability in urban environments. Themes and issues may include: Sustainability in urban environments; Ubiquitous, pervasive, locative and mobile communication technology; Growing community; and Sowing seeds of social change. The Environment 2.0 call for papers is open to submissions and has no set deadline. For further details visit howard.local/imagination/cracksinthepavement/Leonardo

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