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How can emergent technologies help with our fight against dementia?

As emergent technologies and the UK government’s dementia policy mix and shape our futures what are the potential consequences and implications for people with dementia, their carers, families and society at large?

Date Published: 16 February 2016

What might these futures, these imagined worlds, look like? What problems might be revealed? What might we learn by designing products, services and processes for these imagined futures? And how should we respond to these possible worlds?

The ‘What If? Design Fictions for Society’ project invites people over 60 to explore these questions by considering possible and preferable futures through a short series of design encounters. Working with a design researcher participants will develop a speculative design in response to dementia policy to discover new insights through their answers. Speculative designs are imaginative and often provocative creative material, such as short sci-fi films, prototypes or graphic novels, that engage people, encouraging them to envision, explain and raise questions about direction of future technology and society. The project offers two co-design workshop days, which are open to all-comers, and the opportunity for some keener participants to contribute to other aspects of the design process. 


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