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Improving Leapfrog tools at DRS conference

Date Published: 25 June 2018

Rosendy Galabo delivered an improvement workshop to DRS delegates held on 25th June at Limerick School of Art and Design. This workshop aimed to disseminate Leapfrog tools, and test different ways to improve creative engagement tools as part of Rosendy’s PhD research.

In this workshop, participants were divided into three groups, and asked to perform complex tasks that required an abstract level of thinking and creativity in a 1.5‑hour workshop. They had to critique three tools from the New team toolkit (Flow Customer, Comms Stretcher & Comms focus, and Building success tools), and suggest improvements for the redesign of them. Each group of participants had to look at each tool individually, and suggest proposals for the redesign of tools in three different ways. At the end of workshop, participants evaluated and rated each set of suggestions proposed in each task, and discussed with the whole group how useful each set of proposals for each tool was.

As a result of this workshop, Leapfrog team will take a close look at the redesign suggestions, design new versions of the tools, publish them on Leapfrog website and give credits to the workshop participants as co-designers.

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