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London Fusion – Interactive Workshop [2]

Date Published: 25 July 2013

The second and concluding event ‘Building Growth through Collaboration: biting the bullet’, adopted a more structured and faster pace of activities, exploring, probing and examining issues and themes raised from the preceding event held last week. It started with a highly disruptive introduction, facilitating a ‘creative-space’ where delegates could reflect and ‘philosophically’ position themselves in the way they view ‘risk’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ activity. Emerging from this diverse and fluid arena of ‘opportunity’ formulation within contemporary business practice, delegates identified real-time strategies and unique collaborative avenues for potential future development. Through creative ‘interplay’ and refinement, delegates formed partnerships based on and around shared ‘vision’ and ‘value’ creation through potential joint ventures.

After a well-earned lunch, the participants focused on formalising and crystallising proposals  for potential submission to secure multi-agency support  via the ‘Fusion Collaborative Awards’ scheme offered by Queen Mary, University of London. To support this, a short presentation was provided by the institution, taking the delegates carefully through the application process in entirety.

To conclude the interrelated series of events, participants agreed to collaborate further in the co-development of ideas and proposals, inputting energy and mutual vision into the bid development process, with a view to fostering and supporting long-term strategic relationships across diverse areas of commercial and social orientated activity.

The Fusion team at Imagination are currently planning the next series of events that will commence in September 2013, building on the successful start to the project. More details as to the location, themes and activities of events will be posted on ImaginationLancaster over the coming weeks.

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