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Mapping Design for Innovation in Wales & Scotland

Date Published: 30 November 2014

This exploratory research, led by PDR at Cardiff Metropolitan University, aims to understand how best to use design as a method for policy development and provide input for design policy actions jointly developed with design stakeholders.

PDR has teamed up with the Welsh Government, Scottish Enterprise, Dundee University, Lancaster University and Rose- Innes Design to explore the Design Innovation Ecosystems in Wales and Scotland. Through four Design Policy Workshops and surveys of designers and SMEs, this research has mapped the Design Innovation Ecosystems in Wales and Scotland, analysed their strengths and weaknesses and co-developed a set of policy proposals for enhancing the performance of each system. This research used design-led methods to engage a variety of stakeholders – policy-makers, designers, academics, SMEs and support organisations – in jointly developing policy proposals.

This research seeks to test, refine and validate a framework for Design Innovation Ecosystems to advance the understanding of innovation research regarding how design can contribute to innovation policy. Through validating design innovation ecosystems theory, this research is looking to generate academic evidence to make a more compelling case for the integration of design into innovation policy.


Mapping Design for Innovation in Wales & Scotland


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