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Presenting speculative design at Future Earth Early Career Researchers Futures Workshop

at the British Academy produced innovative future scenarios

Date Published: 06 February 2018

I was fortunate to be invited at an event convened by Future Earth, early career researchers across a wide range of fields discussed how sustainability science can advance in the years ahead.

Following my keytoke talk on speculative design I had the pleasure to co-facilitate workshop participants to produce future visions and scenarios laying out new and innovative ideas on how to advance action and research in the Knowledge-Action Networks, such as Natural AssetsTransformationsUrban and Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The proposals will be further developed with the Knowledge-Action Network Development Teams and other partners, and participants envision developing a synergistic publication on early career perspectives in Knowledge-Action Networks.

I was impresed by the speculative scenarios developed by early carerr scientists and researchers who have never used speculative design before.

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