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Seoul International Design Forum 2020 – COVID19 Design Response

Design For Social Resilience Post COVID - November 6th 2020 - Seoul

Date Published: 16 November 2020

Des Fagan presented the generative design project to the 2020 Seoul Design International Forum, to Korean and foreign experts who are actively working to create a sustainable society through design. The theme of the forum was “New Design City Responding to Post-COVID”.

The Forum discussed the values, roles, and future directions of design in our daily lives that have changed with the emergence of COVID-19. Over 6500 participants viewed the talk live.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has plans to introduce its efforts and achievements as a city that leads the areas of universal design and social problem-solving design, as well as prepare a venue for experts and designers to share and discuss the advanced city designs of each country with the citizens.

A total of nine speakers introduced public and private design projects that have responded to social crises including COVID-19 and examples of ways to prepare for the non-contact age under the sub-theme of “Design for Social Resilience in the Post-COVID” in the social problem-solving design session on November 6.


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