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Smart Object Therapist Design Fiction

Date Published: 03 July 2015

Following the co-design workshops at Lancaster and Falmouth two design fictions have been developed.

The Smart Home Therapist Design Fiction is an indirect response of our older people co-designer group to the government nascent policies of integrated care and ageing in place included in the Conservative Party Manifesto.

The Smart Object Therapist Design Fiction comprises of three documents, namely a Smart Object Therapist job application, the Smart Object Therapist intervention report and prescription and a short video interview between the Smart Object Therapist and an smart object home user.

The Design Fictions aim in creating a visual and fictitious world of what the future may be like and can be downloaded for free. The aim is to explore whether co-designed Design Fictions could help older people to increase their engagement with policymakers developing a discussion on Ageing in Place, loneliness and isolation.


Smart Object Therapist Job Interview

Download PDF [<0.1MB]

Smart Object Therapist Intervention Report

Download PDF [0.1MB]

Smart Object Therapist Prescription

Download PDF [0.1MB]

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