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Successful urban obesity workshops in Malaysia

Date Published: 02 August 2018

In July, the Lancaster team travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to co-faciliate a meeting with obesity experts alongside a workshop with members of local communities.

Throughout the two days, we explored food practices, contributions to obesity at the city scale, definitions of obesity, the organisation of obesity in cities and much more. All of the participants were so generous with their time and presented us with plenty of interesting challenges, issues and ideas.

For us, the next step is to write a report, based on our meeting and workshop to send to participants and put online (watch this space!), and to consider how we might take forward some of the ideas expressed. Overall, we felt like there was a lot of potential for future research projects, and look forward to exploring ideas with anyone interested in urban obesity!

Thank you to Lancaster University and the Southeast Asia Springboard event at Sunway University for providing funding for this project.

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