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The kick-off of the Improve It Project: Reflections on the pilot workshop

Date Published: 31 August 2017

Improve It project aims to make existing Leapfrog tools better by testing a new collaborative process of improvement through a series of workshop-like events. We want to explore how experts in tools, facilitators, and tool users improve engagement tools, providing an easier use, appropriation, adaptation by other communities. We expect, as a result of this project, to redesign some leapfrog tools, making improved versions of them, and get insights for this new collaborative improvement process, and make it available for the public and Leapfrog community.

Last week, Rosendy Galabo tested out a plan for improving engagement tools at the ImaginationLab. Delivering a pilot workshop had important learning experiences for the practice of designing and facilitating workshops. Here are some reflections on the pilot:

  • Fundamentally, you need to know why and what you want to do in a workshop: Set goals and objectives.
  • Don’t jump into the main activity. Present a clear definition of goals, purpose and agenda of the workshop.
  • Use plain and clear language, considering your audience. When delivering a workshop, mind your language and treat people as an equal. Participants are your partners, so avoid using jargons and academic language. Try to keep informal as possible.
  • Bear in mind you have your research agenda, and what you want to get out of workshops. You should have your ideas clear in your head when running a workshop.

If you are interested in improving Leapfrog tools, please feel free to contact Rosendy Galabo for further information.

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