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The Little Book of Design for Health in Latin America

Date Published: 30 August 2023

   Discover How Design is Improving Healthcare Across Latin America

Health challenges require innovative solutions. This is where the power of design comes in.

The new Little Book of Design for Health in Latin America reveals how designers are tackling pressing healthcare needs across the region. Through 13 case studies, you’ll see examples of products, services, spaces, materials, tools, and education programs that are moving the needle on health equity and access.


For instance, in rural Colombia, an inexpensive neonatal transport incubator is enabling life-saving referrals. Meanwhile, designers in Peru completely reimagined a chaotic public healthcare center to improve efficiency. Other case studies showcase antimicrobial copper-infused papers to prevent infection transmission, and emergency emotional wellbeing kits for those experiencing trauma.

From large-scale health systems to everyday products, these projects demonstrate design’s versatility in strengthening health infrastructure throughout Latin America. But they also highlight pressing gaps that remain, from neonatal care to chronic disease management.


By sharing challenges and solutions across contexts, this Little Book promotes cross-pollination of knowledge across borders. It inspires designers to apply their skills towards Latin America’s unique healthcare needs. And it shows how design research methodologies like co-creation are engendering grassroots, context-appropriate innovation.

The editors issue an urgent call-to-action for policymakers to recognise design as a vital strategy for enhancing health equity in the face of complex challenges. Because as these cases reveal, design holds immense potential to reshape healthcare experiences for millions in the region.

Download your free copy of The Little Book of Design for Health in Latin America today. It is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Discover how creative thinking is saving lives and forging healthier futures across Latin America.