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The Little Book of GLOBAL HEALTH I

Design & Covid-19

Date Published: 16 February 2021


This Little Book tells you about how the design research community is tackling Covid-19 across different parts of the world. It explores how and why design is uniquely positioned to contribute to the global pandemic relief effort. The first volume in this series, the Little Look presents the Global Health Special Interest Group and what it stands for. It then presents, through eight case studies, different ways in which design research is addressing some of the challenges posed by Covid-19 to our individual lifestyles and society.

(Editors) Emmanuel Tsekleves, Fatima Ghani, Charles Ebikeme, Claudia de Souza Libanio, Yonette Thomas, Blaise Nguendo Yongsi, Leigh-Ann Hepburn, Pablo Hermansen.

To view and download for free the Little Book click here.

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