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The little book of Healthier Fleetwood: connecting professional stakeholders to support the growth of the community

Date Published: 22 July 2022

This Little Book tells you about how the Healthier Fleetwood programme from the perspective of professional stakeholders. It explores what Healthier Fleetwood is and how it positioned itself in a way to connect and support the local community in the UK coastal town of Fleetwood. Finally, it tells you some key insights to replicate the programme in other UK towns moving forward. The Healthier Fleetwood series has two titles. This is the first title in this series and the second title presents the views from the community and their key insights.

This Little Book is for organisations, policymakers, local authorities, public health organisations, NHS professionals, and relevant stakeholders with interest in developing a community programme to support the community. As the name suggests, Healthier Fleetwood’s focus is on health and well-being of the community. However, other areas are also supported, making this a holistic approach. Finally, this book is also aimed at members of local communities to promote a healthier lifestyle. This Little Book will help you identify the key components to replicate this programme.

To dread or download a free copy of the Little Book click here.


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