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The little book of Healthier Fleetwood: stories of life and health empowerment

Date Published: 22 July 2022

This Little Book tells you about how the Healthier Fleetwood programme from the perspective of Fleetwood residents. It explores how Healthier Fleetwood helped the community break out the loneliness, make new friends, and reconnect with the town life. Finally, it tells you some inspiring stories of change within Fleetwood.

This Little Book is for Fleetwood residents and was co-designed with the residents themselves. It is based on conversations and workshops that happened in Fleetwood between 2021-2022. This Little Book is also for people who want to know more about Healthier Fleetwood. Particularly those new to the town or that simply want to explore more of what’s on offer.Finally, this Little Book is for people like you and me. People that are wondering what if… This Little Book will encourage you to go out, find new friends and re-discover your town.

To read or download the Little Book click here.

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