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Workshop Re-imagining Alternative More-than-Human Futures of Sustainability

Date Published: 19 March 2024

As part of our Festival of Futures and with support from the British Council this event brought together academics, designers and artists from the UK and Turkey spent the day exploring the challenges of creating sustainable future products, services, and infrastructures from a more-than-human perspective i.e in relation to climate and biosphere.

In the morning we worked in groups to explore three questions from a wide range of perspectives:

  1. What do we think a more-than-human perspective does and should include and What approaches might help us adopt more-than-human practices?
  2. What aims and values would/should a more-than-human sustainable futures encompass?
  3. How will human technology/innovation shape more-than-human futures?

In the afternoon we used our insights from considering these questions to create speculative design of potential more-than-human future products services and systems based on emerging technologies. The speculative designs ideas along with further questions created during our discussions will be used to create an exhibition as output from the workshop.