Dr Mariana Braga

Post-Doctoral Research Associate International

Design Capability-Building, Design Policy and Management, Strategic Design, Design Innovation, Product-Service Systems, Human-Centred Design

+44(0) 1524 510873



Mariana is interested in design capability building for tackling global challenges (Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs]), such asĀ Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and for community resilience. She looks into how design capabilities can be effectively built and contribute to a shared and plural future, feeding policy planning and implementation.

She enjoys (co-)crafting better futures, and helping non-expert (non-designer) teams apply human-centred, participatory, and other design approaches (strategic design, product-service systems, design-driven innovation) to their businesses and with communities.

Braga was Principal Investigator of Damn It, a pilot project that identified areas of challenges, problems, adaptative strategies and needs of informal-settlement communities during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil.