Dr Michael Stead

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Home & Living

Sustainability, Product Design, emerging technologies, Design Futures, Design Fiction, Research through Design

Michael’s post-doctoral research explores the socio-technical practices, processes and values that surround the adoption of emerging technologies including the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, datafication and smartness, and the critical role design can play in helping societies to understand the implications of such technologies in facilitating environmentally sustainable futures.

Michael’s PhD research focuses on the environmental impacts of industrial product design in the age of ubiquitous computing, specifically the sustainability of the Internet of Things. Through practice-led design research, Michael has developed the concept of spimes into a multidimensional lens which other designers, researchers and technologists can readily harness in order to radically reframe their IoT praxis to have sustainability baked-in from the outset.

The Little Book of Sustainability for the Internet of Things and the sustainable design manifesto Spimes Not Things serve as key introductions to Michael’s research.

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