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Fixing the Future

The Right to Repair and Equal-IoT

The £1.2M EPSRC Fixing the Future: The Right-to-Repair & Equal-IoT project is a collaboration between researchers from Design (ImaginationLancaster), Human Computer Interaction (Nottingham), Technology Law and Ethics (Edinburgh) and the Digital Humanities (Napier). Starting in October 2022, the two year project will see the interdisciplinary team work closely with The Making Rooms, BBC Research & Development, Which? and NCC Group, to explore the opportunities and challenges for collectively designing, building and sustaining more repairable and equitable electronic IoT devices as part of growing circular, digital economies. In doing so, the project will scale up and disseminate the research approaches pioneered at Imagination through the prior EPSRC/ESRC IAA funded The Repair Shop 2049 project.