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Door-to-door Engagement Activities

Creative designerly activities at the doorstep!

Date Published: 10 September 2020

From the levels of isolation and the impracticality of having mass events anytime soon due to the pandemic, we visited every single household in Mainway, a total of 257 households, investing an average of 30 minutes on each household, doing a series of creative activities ‘at the doorstep’, capturing their views and concerns about the redevelopment. For conducting this engagement, we divided into five teams of 2 people, one from ImaginationLancaster and one from Lancaster City Council (LCC). Each team visited on average 50 households during five intense days, conducting 119 engagements at the doorstep and reaching 47% of the entire residents.

Previous to the five-day door-to-door engagement, we delivered an online training session with all the members to illustrate the engagement activities, clarify roles, capturing of data, and health and safety protocols.

The door to door engagement was conducted between the 3rd and the 8th of September 2020, and its purpose was to reach as many people as possible including those who for different reasons were isolated. We facilitated three activities that consisted of capturing personal information from the residents, views on Mainway as a whole, and inside of their flats, imagining the future redevelopment of the area (see figure 6). The analysis of the insights given by the residents will help to decide whether the redevelopment plan will consist of the renovation or the rebuilding of the state.

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