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Professor Leon Cruickshank

Professor of Design and Creative Exchange

Co-Design, Open Design and Innovation, Design for the Public Sector, User Centred and User-Led Design, Interactive Design, Technology and Society, Design Methodology, Design Theory and Philosophy


  • Democratising Innovation
  • Digital Interactions
  • Evidence-based Design
  • Open Design
  • Post-human Design
  • Public Sector Transformation

Leon is Director of Research for ImaginationLancaster and principle investigator for Beyond Imaginationa 3 year £13m E3 project, awarded recognising Imagination as a nationally and internationally excellent research group. His focus is on co-design and involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders in research and creative processes. He was Director of Knowledge Exchange for the Creative Exchangethe £5million 4 year project focusing on digital public space and associate director for HighWire, the cross disciplinary EPSRC CDT looking at digital innovation. He also lead the £1.2 million Leapfrog project, transforming public sector engagement through design and the follow on ‘Extending Leapfrog: Improving a million creative conversations’.  He consults for the UN on innovation in government with a focus on open design thinking.

This has led to the emergence of designing knowledge exchange as a research area. He is currently involved in 6 funded projects in this area. He is principle Investigator for the £1.2million AHRC project Leapfrog: transforming public sector engagement by design (www.leapfrog.tools). He is also Director of Knowledge Exchange for the £4 million AHRC Creative Knowledge Exchange Hub and UK lead for the €4 million PROUD project looking at knowledge exchange through co-design


Leon Cruickshank's full list of publications can be viewed here

Latest Updates from Leon Cruickshank

PROUD Partner Meeting in Luxembourg

Disaster struck on arrival at Brussels airport when we were informed there was a baggage handler strike and that we should not reply on getting our luggage until the end of the week. After an epic journey by rail and an emergency shopping trip to a mall to buy some essentials we settled down to the partner meeting which was held at Technoport, a newly regenerated area which includes new university buildings and space for business and a FabLab, all set within in a now defunct steelworks landscape

Walking The Highwire – New Modes Of Interaction Between Academic Design Research and Business Engagement In UK

Attached here is a slideshow of a presentation I gave at the very excellent (but quite niche) FISCAR: Activity Theory and Design conference in Helsinki 2010. I presented this paper looking at how impact, has affected innovation in Universities looking specifically at the contribution HighWire, our doctoral training centre looking at Innovation across the disciplines of Computing, Design and Management

Workshop Series: Next Generation Sustainability in Civil Engineering

Embedding new sustainability thinking into day-to-day activities of civil engineering can result in substantial social, economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders, but, to date, sustainability in consulting engineering is still more of a reactive activity than a proactive one. Through engaging with Civil Engineering consultants, educators and regulators as stakeholders, the series of workshops aims to bring together fresh perspectives on sustainability in consulting engineering in the supply chain

Projects from Leon Cruickshank