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Jonny Huck

Research Associate, December 2012 to August 2015 Cartographic Design, GIS, Data Visualisation, Place Theory, Space Legibility, Remote Sensing

I am a cartographer, programmer and spatial analyst working in Imagination Lancaster. Following my ‘first’ career as the Technical Manager of a wind farm development company, I moved into academia to pursue research interests that include: the role of cartography in a digital age, the theory of ‘place’, the capture and visualisation of geographic features with indeterminate boundaries, and the role of spatial ambiguity as a cartographic device. My previous work includes the release of the widely used ‘Map-Me’ PPGIS platform, and is currently focussed upon the development of bespoke base-maps for mobile applications.

At Imagination I work on the Creating and Exploring Digital Empathy (CEDE) project, where I mostly write software and build physical objects in order to engender empathy between users. In addition to CEDE, I also provide data and cartographic srervices for a number of other projects, as well as other less specific technical or writing contributions.

I studied BSc Geography at Lancaster University, and MSc Geographical Information Systems at the University of Leeds. I am currently in my 4th year of a part-time PhD in Geographical Information Science (Design), back at Lancaster University.