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Dr Paul Cureton

Senior Lecturer in Design (People, Products, Places)

Future Cities, Urban Design, Drones - UAVs, GIS, Geo-Design, Mapping, Landscape, Visualisation


  • Design Futures
  • Speculative Design
  • Urban Design

+44 (0) 1524 663433




Paul Cureton is a drone pilot and Senior Lecturer in Design at ImaginationLancaster and member of the Data Science Institute, Lancaster University, UK. His research interest revolves around the agency and expression of futures and methods in landscape and architecture in the built environment. This research interest has manifested itself in the exploration of the power of urban visions and speculative futures, the history and future of vertical urbanism through drones and the use of 3D mapping, geo-design and digital twins for urban design and planning. His recent publications include the monograph Strategies for Landscape Representation: Digital and Analogue Techniques (2016). He is co-author, with Nick Dunn, of Future Cities: A Visual Guide (2020). Paul is currently working on the Lancaster City Information Model (LCIM) a project in partnership with Garsdale Design, supported by Esri Uk, Cyber City 3D and Bluesky International Inc.


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Future Cities

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