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Drone Futures

Drone Futures

Drone Futures: UAS in Landscape and Urban Design


Drone-AI & Smart-Cities-Paul-Cureton

Drone Futures: UAS in Landscape and Urban Design

Drone Futures explores new paradigms in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in landscape and urban design. UAS or drones can be deployed with direct application to the built environment; this book explores the myriad of contemporary and future possibilities of the design medium its aesthetic, mapping agency, Ai, mobility and contribution to smart cities.

Drones present innovative possibilities, operating in a ‘hover space’ between human scales of landscape observation and light aircraft providing a unique resolution of space. This book shows how UAS can be utilized to provide new perspectives on spatial layout, landscape and urban conditions, data capture for construction monitoring and simulation of design proposals.

Author Paul Cureton examines both the philosophical use of these tools and practical steps for implementation by designers. Illustrated in full colour throughout, it discusses UAS and its connectivity to other design technologies and processes, including mapping & photogrammetry, AR/VR, Drone AI and Drones for construction and fabrication, new mobilities, smart cities and city information models (CIMs). Specifically geared towards professionals seeking to understand UAS applications and future development and students seeking an understanding of the role of drones and airspace in the built environment and its powerful geographic imaginary.

With international contributions, multi-disciplinary sources, case studies, Drone Futures, examines new powers of flight for visualizing, interpreting and presenting landscapes and urban spaces of tomorrow.

Book Link – CRC Press, June, 2020.



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