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Design 4 IoT

Design has contributed to innovation as a feature of new product and service development and has been shown to play a vital role in unlocking economic growth and industrial competitiveness. However, creating value for a new and yet to be explored technology, such as IoT, is a significant challenge for designers, where the product or service is constantly connected to the internet.

Therefore, ‘Design 4 IoT’ addresses the agenda of design research ‘how to drive innovation by design through shaping emergent technologies.’ This project aims to explore design practices, challenges and contributions to IoT development. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of the current status and potential of design-led innovation for IoT that will reinvent business practices and contribute to a resilient and sustainable economy by design. Moreover, to investigate the role of designers in the IoT era, designers are able to understand better how to develop and create value across the value constellation and with data. In particular, being aware of the challenges around the IoT, such as cyber security, privacy, ethics, and trust, designers will be able to collaborate with other disciplines to ensure that the IoT creates value whilst doing no harm.

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