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Boyeun Lee

Post-Doctoral Research Associate Prosperity

Design Strategy, Service Design, New Product Development, Digital Innovation, Internet of Things


  • Design Futures
  • Design Management
  • Ethics Through Design
  • Post-human Design
  • Service Design

Boyeun Lee is a third-year Ph.D. candidate for PETRAS as well as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Prosperity at Imagination Lancaster. With a belief of design plays a key role to create social, economic, and environmental value, the core of her research is: challenges and opportunities arising from applications of the technologies to the real world; and how to design emerging technologies in order to minimise the risks. Her research interest also covers how emerging technologies impact the evolution of design discourse and creating a sophisticated dialogue in the design academy.

Prior to her academic career, she had a wide range of public and commercial experience across sectors as a service design researcher, such as policy for design, co-design, design audit, and user experience research. Currently, her Ph.D. study on the ‘Guidelines on New Product Development processes for Internet of Things products and services which aims to increase organisational value and turnover’ is being carried with the support of the scholarship funding: by EPSRC under the PETRAS project; and RADMA doctoral studies award.