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G Up: Ghanaian specific design and innovation models

Working with manufacturing and high-tech company partners to co-design new, locally tailored innovation, design and training

In this EPSRC funded piolet project, we will undertake research with both indigenous and ‘western influenced’ innovators, designers and creative practitioners based in West Affrica. The aim of this will be to start to understand the tensions and possible benefits of the westernised innovation models as compared to locally evolved models and approaches to innovation. In particular we are interested in the role the strong oral tradition can play within innovation models created specifically for Ghana (and in following projects a wider West Africa perspective).

We will apply this understanding to new approaches to facilitating innovation that will be shared with around 100 companies in the manufacturing and design sectors at a partner funded event in March. We will also use this to co-design a new 12 week curriculum for a training course delivered by our design manufacturing partner.

This will contribute to both education and the industry, innovation, and infrastructure global challenge goals.

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